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"Zuzana has produced stunningly good work for us. She took material we have been using for years and gave it a new, attractive and very well-fitting look. 


Zuzana's work has brought a vast improvement to an old concept. It encourages the process of generating new business from old and new clients alike, by getting a very clear message across. 


Zuzana's work is elegant and yet dynamic; it's a blue ocean concept. Something we had not thought of before, produces the reaction "of course, now why have we not done that before?" 

John Townsend,  MBA

Fund Portfolio Construction and Optimization

MTF Finanzplanung / Germany

First of all, we´d like to thank you, Zu and Carlos, for your patience, attention and the magnificent work you did. It is very easy to work with people like you, for the effort and time you dedicate to each project. 

Zu, professional from the very first minute, decisive, elegant, always ready to help, advise, with an infinite imagination and a very well accomplished work. Carlos, a brilliant mind that makes decision making very easy, professional who loves what he does, aproachable, and very good people.

Everything has changed for us the day we decided to collaborate with you on the development of the La Industrial del Quiñon global project. You´ve made it to be absolutely all, we´ve ever dreamed of. Amazing! We will definitely continue working together.

We are truly very grateful, you have done an excellent job! Congratulations guys. It's a pleasure to work with people like you.

Irina Dascalu y Rosini Paniaqua da Silva

Business Owners / CEOs

La Industrial del Quinon La Martina / Spain

We´ve had a tremendous luck to work with Zuzana and we´ll definitelly continue doing so. We did it with the "Angel Inside" brand that was born as an idea and became not only reality, but it has also was published worldwide by Taschen´s prestigious "Logo Design" (vol.3) - the golden book of the best logo designs in the world. Really awesome!

We´ve continued counting on Zu in another great project of one of our companies - the "El Toro" corporate image redesign. Tremendous success! Logically, our next new company brand design "VIVA" was also created by Zuzana and Carlos Baos for spatial solutions.

These guys are an essential part of our projects because everything they do, works wonders! Team of fresh and innovative professionals with high involvement in each project, always exceeding expectations and SURPRISE; They positivelly thrill and excite in each step​.

José Luis Montero y Tatiana Bazhal

Business Owners / CEOs

SPD Montereal S.l. / Spain

Our company has come to the national market with completely new, unique product. We had to find an effectient way to bring it to the public. It was rather complicated to find an agency that would be able to translate our strategies, goals and experience into a effective campaign.


Zuzana has been able to instantly recognize our strengths and use them to create corporate and product identity, visual marketing communications, and additional brand  materials.

These outputs have shifted our company to a higher level, increased our brand credibility and positive feedback was quick to come. We appreciate Zuzana´s highly professional approach, and we believe we will continue collaborating it in the future.

Veronika Kováčová

Marketing manager

Spoločnosť Kováč s.r.o. / Slovakia

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